Viola – Beautiful, young, slightly androgynous, and completely out of her element in Illyria.  She is lost and alone, and doing her best to fight depression, when she unexpectedly falls in love with Orsino.  She has a great deal of passion, and her survival instincts surprise even her in the wilderness of her current surroundings, but she knows that she does not feel at home here, unless she is with Orsino. She is able to disguise herself by wearing her brother’s clothes, and she wears her hair long like he did, so there is no attempt to cut her hair or hide it under a hat. She and Sebastian also have western style mustaches.

Olivia – The proprietor of the Wagon Wheel Saloon, which has recently ceased operations as she mourns the death of her brother, which causes a severe alcohol shortage in the town.  She is beautiful, yet vain.  If she is in mourning, she goes whole hog, to make sure she is the most stunning orphan in the Wild West. She is the type of woman who is always attracted to the thing she cannot have.  She blossoms back to her true “Miss Kitty” personality after falling in love with Cesario. She plays guitar and sings.

Maria – Fiercely independent, ballsy bar matron at the Saloon. Uses her body and her mind equally well to get what she wants.  She is very protective of Olivia and the saloon, and acts as a surrogate mother to both.  Her relationship with Toby is extremely sexual.  She packs a pistol under her skirt and is not afraid to use it.  She has no room for artifice, and cannot stand Malvolio’s hypocrisy. Mae West would feel insecure around this woman.

Fabian – Spunky saloon girl and Toby’s drinking buddy.  A spitfire, and a bit of a tomboy, she loves drinking and playing cards with the men.  She loves a good practical joke.  A physical comedienne.

Saloon Girls (2-4) – In Act One, they are seen bored and wasting away in the saloon. In Act Two, when the saloon comes back to like they are seen serving drinks, singing and dancing, along with Olivia. Must sing and dance.

Orsino – Sheriff of Illyria.  However, there is no real crime in this town, maybe the occasional town drunk (General Toby) to escort home.  A poet at heart, he can be stopped in his tracks by a beautiful woman or a love song, but this does not mean he lacks masculinity or a quick draw.  Infatuated with Olivia, to the point of being blinded to any other romantic possibilities. Very Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke.

General Toby Belch – Olivia’s drunkard and glutton of an uncle, although he would probably describe himself as an “epicurean.”  He may be the butt of many of her jokes, but he is all the family she has left in the world, and he loves her very deeply and will do anything to protect his niece’s honor.  He is a mooch extraordinaire and never seems to have any cash when the bill for a meal or drink comes.  General Toby purchased a commission and made some meager attempt to fight in the Civil War. Now he regales the past as a golden age and refuses to take off his Confederate uniform, even though his stomach has grown far too large for it, and it needs a good washing.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek – General Toby’s companion, a dandy of a trust fund baby.  He is an upper class English twit and is really uncomfortable in his Wild West surroundings.  He can only play at the role of cowboy.  His clothes are always immaculate, even if they appear to be much too large for him. He is tall, pale, with long, straight, stringy blond hair. Looks as if he would be more at home on a dude ranch.

Parson Malvolio – A puritanical frontier parson.  Always carrying his Bible, with a modest simple cross on a chain prominently displayed around his neck.  Very judgmental, of the “hellfire and brimstone” variety, but not a Pentecostal in any way.  Very reserved in his manner, but he has a severe temper just bubbling under the surface.  Secretly in love with Olivia, to the point of obsession.  In some ways, he’s reminiscent of Julian Beck’s Rev. Kane from Poltergeist II: The Other Side, but more comical than demonic. Sings well enough to lead the prayer meeting.

Festus – The lone surviving miner from the town’s dormant silver mine.  Part prospector, part snake oil salesman, part showman, he is a consummate entertainer for hire.  Plays a fool, but is incredibly intelligent and able to get out of a tight scrape using his words.  He is very similar to Ali Hakim from Oklahoma!  He plays guitar well and sings to whoever will pay his fee.

Sebastian – Viola’s twin brother, slightly androgynous, very protective of his sister.  While he is a survivor, he also is not opposed to a little fun in the face of adversity.  While he does have a bit of an androgynous look, he does have a macho side and a big chip on his shoulder, which means he will fight if challenged. He reminds us a bit of James Dean from Giant.

Antonio – a Mexican bandito and former cattle rustler who has mended his ways, but still finds himself running from his dark past.  He is a walking arsenal strapped with guns, bullet belts and knives.  He is trusting, loyal, and dependable, often to a fault. There is a wanted poster of him hanging in the Sheriff’s office.

Valentine and Curio – Orsino’s two main (Mutt and Jeff) deputies, a good-natured matched pair, who indulge Orsino’s romantic notions, as long as it keeps them from having to do a hard day’s work.  If Curio sings he can also be a part of the quartet.

Singing Deputies (4) – They form a barbershop quartet, which sings for Orsino whenever he is lovesick and Festus is not around.

Priest – Ancient, partially deaf old man who has retired from active church service in order to make way for Malvolio in town, but still acts as a justice of the peace for a little extra spending money and a spare shot of whiskey.  Don’t underestimate him; he’s still got some fire in his bones.

Ensemble: (as available) These actors play iconic characters found in a wild-west town: the school teacher, doctor, shop keeper, blacksmith, etc.

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