The royalty fee for CHRISTMAS MY WAY is 12% of the all gross revenues (including a pro-rated portion of the total season ticket income) against a negotiated guarantee per performance. An advance minimum royalty fee is also required upon signing of the licensing agreement. All royalty fees and box office/financial statements are due within 14 days from the closing date of production.

The music rental and script fee is $500.00,
payable before shipment of materials.

Materials Provided:

One complete piano/vocal score
One bass part
One percussion part
Five script/librettos

Summerwind Productions has licensing agreements only for the songs included in the CHRISTMAS MY WAY score. No additional material may be added or substituted. Note: All fees subject to change without notice.

Summerwind Productions does not authorize or license you to use any images copyrighted or otherwise of Frank Sinatra or his likeness.

Summerwind Productions does not authorize the use of any of Frank Sinatra's recorded music in connection to the production of CHRISTMAS MY WAY.

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