By David Grapes

In the days after May 14, 1998, my friend and theatrical collaborator Todd Olson and I did what most Americans did ­ we watched the multitude of tributes to the recently-departed Frank Sinatra. During the entire next week his old TV concerts, interviews, and films, filled nearly every available television channel. I knew that I had to create a theatrical piece about this man. I was always taken by his ease, his albeit a cliché- "cool," his remarkable way with a simple lyric, his charisma, and the epic and in-your-face way that he chose to live his life, but how could that be translated into an evening of theatre? The solution was obvious ­ the key was in the music. After some quick research, Todd and I were amazed to learn that the man had recorded nearly 1400 songs. The next thing I knew Todd and I were working on MY WAY.

So, if you are here tonight to see a group of actors impersonate Sinatra then you have come to the wrong show. For the goal of MY WAY has always been to construct a musical revue that recalls the essence of the man through the glorious music he sang. Tonight, you are here tonight to celebrate Sinatra¹s mystique, and his myth, through the music he loved best ­ the American standard. We feel that it is a respectful tribute to a figure unlike any other in the last century. And it¹s all for Frank ­ the affection that Todd and I have for him as a singer, as a man, and a legendary talent.

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