Sinatra retrospective turns on memories

Whether Frank Sinatra's music reminds you of your first romantic evening or a cream-cheese commercial, it always stirs a memory. That being the case, My Way - A Tribute to Frank Sinatra brought a heavy dose of nostalgia to the Bass Performance Hall on Tuesday night.

Abe Reybold (Man #2) brings the house down with "I'm Gonna Live Til I Die."
Photographer Richard K. Dalton.
It's rare for a revue honoring popular music to pack in this much material and not come across as overbaked or stale (see Smokey Joe's Cafe and Leader of the Pack). But David Grapes and Todd Olson have created a piece that's at once elegant and playful.

Director Joel Ferrell deserves thanks as well. He moves performers Cynthia Ferrer, Joseph Kolinski, Judy McLane and Abe Reybold around the sparkly set, which looks, appropriately, like a swanky lounge in a 1950s desert hotel. Also, his light doses of choreography appear in the right moments.

Individually, the singers, especially Ferrer, captured the essence of Sinatra's unforgettable way of interpreting songs.

The tribute brings together fine voices, knowing direction, a striking set and, of course, wonderful memories of Sinatra. MARK LOWRY - Star Telegram

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Scene Designer Bob Lavallee's beautiful My Way set lights up the 3000 seat Bass Performing Arts Hall. Costumes by Ric Leal
Photographer Richard K. Dalton.

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