Gus Gordon, Producer
Gordon Productions - Springfield, IL

Our first weekend was a knock-out! The audiences loved it (they were on their feet each night as we were still singing the last note of MY WAY!). The cast and trio had a great time, and the audience absolutely ate it all up!

Thanks for putting together a wonderful show! Can't wait to look at the Johnny Mercer revue and the Christmas show!

The entire run is sold out (I've got people emailing asking if I can get them in somehow!

My Way Cast: Steve Williams, Mary Jo Curry Cynda Wrightsman and Gus Gordon
We could run this show for 3 or 4 extra weeks and still have a sell-out. It looks like you've created the successor to FOREVER PLAID! Congrats!

Illinois Times
Review by Ann Ker,

October 17, 2002

MY WAY - A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO FRANK SINATRA opened last weekend at New Salem and continues through this weekend. This presentation by Gordon Productions is fabulous!

Three elements are responsible for this success: The four singers, Gus Gordon, Cynda Wrightsman, Mary Jo Curry and Steve Williams, are among the best in Springfield; the Jane Hartman Trio (worth the price of the ticket all by itself); and the songs! Not only could Sinatra sell a song like no one else ever did, he could choose music that communicates. You'll know most of them, and if you're like me, you'll smile through the entire evening.

The show is the brainchild of David Grapes and Todd Olson. It begins with "Strangers in the Night," sung by all four. The songs are arranged into medleys: Favorites, Broadway, Cities, Young Love, Summer, Love and Marriage, Losers, Big Flirt, Moon and Songs for Survivors. Each section was prefaced by a couple of remarks or quotes. Some songs are solos, some are duets, some are ensembles, but each singer gets plenty of chances to show his/her stuff.

The show includes all the favorites.

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Steve Williams, Mary Jo Curry,
Gus Gordon and Cynda Wrightsman.

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