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Alice White
Ligonier Echo

Mountain Playhouse
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No showman's tribute could be greater that that of the late Duke Ellington, whoonce said that "Sinatra was the ultimate theatre." And earlier this month, The Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown chose to end its 2002 season with a wonderful and entertaining musical tribute to "old blue eyes" himself, Frank Sinatra. Grapes and Olson put together a wonderful selection of over 50 Sinatra songs to captivate and entertain.

Guy Stroman directed MY WAY for the Playhouse, which featured outstanding musical performances from actors Janet Dickinson, Michael Justis, Jenn Morse, and Abe Reybold. An art deco lounge setting from the 30's complete with an accomplished trio of musicians Terry Osmond (piano), Naythan Santos (bass), and Mark Weakfield (drums), made you feel as if you were actually sitting at a table listening to the harmonizing vocals for the memorable songs made popular by Sinatra.

Man #1 Michael Justis
When Sinatra was once asked the secret to his success he replied "I sing good songs." As these delightfully charming and talented performers ended the show, it was evident that they understood what the Chairman of the Board knew - good songs sung right always make a success out of any show.

MY WAY's popularity has meant that the Mountain Playhouse will bring it back to open the 2003 season May 3 to June 15.

Playhouse Finale Offers Tribute to "Old Blue Eyes"

Jennifer Thomas
Daily American

Woman #2 Jenn Morris
For avid Frank Sinatra fans, the musical tribute MY WAY is a dream come true, putting 60 of his most popular songs together in a well-thought out compilation.
It opened Wednesday to a standing ovation at the Mountain Playhouse.
...Janet Dickinson, Abe Reybold, Jenn Morse, and Michael Justis are solid Musical talents, harmonizing with each other on numerous selections. They also give standout solo performances on a number of songs.

Morse is memorable while Justis' version of "Makin Whoopee" draws laughs. Dickinson and Reybold have a good chemistry between them on their dance numbers. They are each strong on their musical numbers, with "My Lean Baby,"being a good number for
Man #2 Abe Reybold
Reybold to lighten things up and "My Funny Valentine showcasing Dickinson.

Photo Credits

Abe Reybold, Michael Justis, Jenn Morse and Janet Dickinson. Guy Stroman - director/choreographer. Robert Simms - set designer. Michael Pastore - lighting design. Costumes - Michael Piatkowski and Sarah Baling. Photos by Teresa Stoughton Marafino.

Woman #1 Janet Dickinson

'My Way' - once more

Alice T. Carter
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Friday, May 30, 2003

Picking up where it left off, Mountain
Playhouse opens its 2003 summer season
with a reprise of last season's final show.

"My Way," a classy and nostalgic tribute to Frank Sinatra and the songs he made famous, opens Saturday. Mountain Playhouse regulars Janet Dickinson, Michael Justis, Jenn Morse and Abe Reybold will once again croon their way through nearly five dozen signature Sinatra songs under the direction of Guy Stroman.

If you're of a certain age, it's likely there's a significant Sinatra song in your past. This David Grapes and Todd Olson revue allows you to relive the passion, romance and humor of those moments.

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