'My Way' honors Sinatra

Harry Zimbler
Centre Times

...there is no question that "My Way" is a crowd-pleaser. Local audiences are likely to leave smiling, happy with the good-looking production. The set is attractive and moody, and the costumes have an eye-popping classiness. The three-piece band is first-rate.

Directed by Jim Hoskins, "My Way" is a great summer diversion. Hoskins' staging and simple choreography keep the evening moving along at an energetic pace and does a fine job of creating the atmosphere of a small cabaret, the milieu of an exclusive supper club somewhere in some big city.

Don Farrell is the star of this production, the best song stylist on stage. Local audiences may remember him from his appearance in "Forever Plaid." Jason Shuffler, Kim Shriver and Julia Osborne complete the cast.

The set, which magically transforms the Pavilion Theater into a vinyl-laden martini bar, as the clever creation of scenic designer Dan Robinson. Stephanie Lussier designed the costumes, which added a great flair to the evening. The moody, intensely theatrical lighting was created by Jon Reed. Matt "Dup Dup" Doebler was the musical director and worked his magic on the keyboards. He was accompanied by David Horowitz on drums and Justin Dorsey on bass.

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