"Sinantra Revue Sparkles" Rating **** 1/2 out of *****

"A drop-dead, too-good-too miss musical revue. This is truly a proper and fitting musical tribute to the great Frank Sinatra, John Coffey's piano creates musical magic and James Allen's drums signal the soul of the song while Sarah Ribbens bass is as deep as a moan of joy or sadness, whatever the song dictates "Of course it doesn't hurt to have an ultra sophisticated and talented cast.

Derek Isetti and Damien Conte
This foursome connects to each other, to the lyrics, to the Sinatra phenomenon, and to the audience. A packed audience not only stood for ovation, but insisted on an encore, which they were happily provided. For those who saw the Bridgeport run, come see the show again and swoon. For all those who have not experienced the magic of Sinatra, Seven Angels has it until May 12. I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift." Joanne Greco Rochman ­ Waterbury Republican American

Semina De Laurentis - Winner of the 2001/2002 Connecticut Critics Circle Award for "Best Direction of a Musical" for MY WAY

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