It's hot outside, but in Polk Theatre at TPAC it's cool as cool can be. The crowd, mostly middle aged, was in their element and they were eating it up. During intermission, I even saw an elderly couple swaying in the aisle!'
- The Princeton Times Leader
My Way captures wit, charm of Ol' Blue Eyes. "A dash of humor, a pinch of tap dancing and a touch of elegance can go a long way, especially when mixed with a musical smorgasbord of the best of Frank Sinatra. The Tennessee Repertory Theatre production, My Way, directed by David Grapes and written by Todd Olson, opened with a charming cast and elegant musicianship. It is more than

enough to get heads nodding to the familiar beats and young toes tapping. The cast of four mingles comfortably as friends and seems at ease with the opportunity to reminisce about Sinatra. Nan Gurley's confidence and humor mingle well with John Fredo's Sinatra-like class, while the free-spirited but shy Jennifer Johns slowly captures the heart of fun-loving Douglas Kampsen. Although there is some characterization and coupling, it's obvious the four characters feel comfortable exercising a bit of their own personalities and simply having fun with one another onstage. In a gesture to get the audience in on the action and create a more intimate atmosphere the cast invites the audience for a short sing-along, and it dishes out some interesting tidbits on Sinatra's life. The cast also offers some Sinatra quotations and advice on love, happiness and, yes, even style, It is the heavy supply of humorous moments like this, the individuality of each cast member and the superb singing -- not to mention a soulful group performance of the hit tune, "My Way" that makes the show more than just a string of familiar songs. As Gurley said, "Most people can relate a Sinatra song with some point in their lives, if not claim that he produced the soundtrack to their lives." - The Tennessean

"My Way was a breath of fresh air, a romantic enticement, a blast from the past? A splendid performance by all!"
- M. Paul, Nashville

Tennessee Rep's audience-friendly cabaret salutes St. Frank-that is, Frank Sinatra-with an entertaining cast of four energetic actor-singers, a peppy jazz trio, and a boatload of great songs. David M. Fillmore, Jr.'s minimalistic black set with silver silhouettes looks wonderful with Fillmore's creative lighting touches throughout. If possible, get a seat about 10 rows back and really take in the tableau. Fillmore's work really sets the tone for romance. Rep regular Nan Gurley, Jennifer Johns, Doug Kampsen and Johnny Fredo make up this peppy cast. Johns and Fredo also add to the fun with several nice dance routines, in particular the Latin-flavored "Let's Face the Music and Dance." If you want a lesson on the cream of the 20th-century-crop of American popular music, see this show."
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