Venture Theatre
Billings, MT

by Jaci Webb
Billings Gazette

At 25, Chas Llewellyn is a decade or two behind the other cast members in Venture Theatre's production of "My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra," but what he lacks in years he makes up for in enthusiasm for the songs of Ol' Blue Eyes.

Jam-packed with Sinatra music, including a poignant rendition of the title song, the production doesn't try to re-create him, but to capture the essence of Sinatra's era.  For Llewellyn, it was an iconic era of jazz, swing and big-band music, stuff he grew up listening to with his dad, Lee. The
rest of the cast, Susan Sommerfeld, Pam Havig and Jim Patterson, is more seasoned than Llewellyn, but all four performers have voices worthy of the 56 songs sung in the production.

The two-hour show doesn't have much script, just enough to keep the songs connected to the actors and the audience. When the cast came out and did a little bit of 'New York, New York' for the curtain call, you could hear the audience singing it, too.

Directed by Robert Wood, the production has been selling out every weekend so Venture extended the run.

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