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My Way has received great acclaim in the press - below are a some choice quotes. Click on the reviewer names to read the full reviews.  Performances run until July 10!

Lauren Honeycutt
Maryland Theatre Guide 

“Every aspect of this show is reminiscent of the days of Frank himself, even down to the classic white tuxedo jackets with black bow ties that the male actors wear.”

“…This show could have been written for Joseph Dellger.”

“Each song flows flawlessly into the next, and it’s difficult to wait until the end of a medley to applaud!”

“Real-life husband and wife Alan Ostroff and Anna Roberts Ostroff are as charming as they are talented.  Alan has a rich voice, and his comedic timing is excellent.  Beautiful Anna has a uniquely lovely voice…”

“Director Matthew Schneider and Associate Choreographer Bree Branker perfectly position the actors and provide simple yet meaningful choreography throughout the show.”

Mary Johnson
Baltimore Sun

“…Should draw a large audience where most — especially grandparents who remain lifetime Sinatra fans — can bring their children and grandchildren to hear well-delivered classics that helped define an era.”

Laura Tayman
Broadneck Patch

“The show is truly a magical trip down memory lane.”

Davina Grace Hill
Bay Weekly

“For those of Sinatra’s generation, this is a memory walk. For those younger, My Way could make some new Sinatra fans.”

“…A genuine tribute, not merely an impersonation of Ol’ Blue Eyes.  For that, be grateful, because it is much more, and it reaches loftier goals.”

 “All the performers have strong, Broadway-style singing voices and the acting skills to match. Joseph Dellger especially captures the Sinatra ease of performance and acts out the story songs with poignancy, humor and strength, each as needed. Mary Jo Mecca is very strong in the first act and can transition on a dime from belting out a song to comedic interpretations.”

“…All the songs selected are powerful story-songs, the kind whose vogue seems to have passed. It is a delight to be carried away by beautiful lyrics sung and acted by such a strong quartet.”

Sabrina Daly
DC Theatre Scene

“The sexy, sultry Mary Jo Mecca captivates the crowd with her powerful voice.  She lights up the stage as she struts and slinks, belting out favorites like “L.A. is My Lady,” “I get a Kick Out of You,” and “All The Way.”  Her poise and sex appeal is also evident in her onstage chemistry with the very talented Joseph Dellger.”

“…An inspired performance by the foursome…”

Sharon Mager
Severna Park Voice

"Each actor has his or her own style they add to each piece, giving the “My Way” title a double meaning, by honoring the songs Sinatra made his own and each adding his or her unique voice."

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