4 men 20 – 30  must be excellent pop singers with big vocal ranges

Actors should use their own names when introducing themselves.

JOE: The information guy…A little goofy but takes it all very seriously. 1st tenor

(sings:Cara Mia, Just One Smile, Backstage)

JUSTIN: The romantic guy.  Sensitive with a smoldering voice.  1st tenor

(sings: I’m Gonna Be Strong, Half Heaven Half Heartache)

PJ: The cool cat of the group…sexy and more contemporary with a slight rock edge  2nd tenor . Sings: ( I’m Gonna Be Strong, Tower  Tall, Donna)

WILL: The wise guy. A charmer. Has a musical theatre style. 2nd tenor

sings:  ( Backstage, House without windows, Mecca)

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