Director's Notes

The show is meant to be done simply with a no frills approach. No specific set is required.  If possible a nice velvet red curtain as a backdrop works well.   Add a little glitz, flash and dash as you see fit! A bar area could also be set up stage left and stage right with 4 bar stools.  Its really all about allowing the performers the music and the harmonies to dominate.   It does require 4 dynamic young singer/actors with diverse personalities. The Choreography is also a key part of the show.  It should have a bit a Jersey Boys feel - It’s more about the precision than anything else.  The Piano Player should be integrated into the show if possible.  He or she should be on stage with the guys if possible and can sing with them as well.

Author's Notes

What inspired me to conceive this show was the music.  I was determined to treat it with the integrity I felt it deserved.  What I discovered was that Gene was no mere 60’s pop hit maker. Not only was he one of the last of the great song interpreters, he dared to be romantic when it wasn’t so cool.. He lived a more or less quiet life with his wife and 3 sons in rural Connecticut not far from where he grew up.  Yet the energy he brought to his vocally demanding stage shows have been described as ecstatic, wild, even Dionysian.  While researching Gene’s life I also discovered that what was happening in the world at the time Gene was making his music was almost as interesting a story as his and the connection between the two even more so.

I don’t that I’ve discovered ‘who Gene Pitney is’ and I’m not sure you will either. To me that’s okay. I hope this show makes you remember the first time you fell in love as well as the first time you got your heart broken.  I hope it make you feel the way I did as a young man the first time I heard him sing and still do today.  The rush of hearing that last note in I”M GONNA BE STRONG, how he captures what it’s like to be a performer in BACKSTAGE, the  way YOUR UNTIL TOMORROW reminds me of some really great but short romances, how I cried the first time I heard the 4 original guys sing LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE and how A STREET CALLED HOPE continues to remind me how music can truly transform you.

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