Posted by Ruta lee on Dec. 30 2007

WEST HOLLYWOOD – I went to see Town Without Pity at the Macha Theater without big expectations…as rock and roll was never “my thing.”  Mantovani (mentioned in the show) was more to my liking.


This tribute to Gene Pitney (Rock ‘n roll hall of famer) and his music is a delicious treat for the ears and eyes..and comfortable like old dance shoes.

In this memorable salute, Richard Hochberg (writer/director) takes on a thrilling memory ride with four truly sensational performers who can “do it all.”

Will Collyer, Joe Settineri, PJ Griffith and Justin Cowden are uniquely talented individuals with diverse personalities …each shining in his own light…However, they perform with the precision of the Rockettes in group numbers.

All this..thanks to the clever staging  by Hochberg and choreography by Janet Roston make each number a novel experience.

This is a gem of a show that could and should play in any venue anywhere in the world. Its appeal is universal. All it needs is some glitz, flash and dash and this show, like FOREVER PLAID can play forever.

“ I love this show!!!” 

Paul Schaefer
Dave Letterman Show

Solid gold entertainment – filled with the million selling memories of a legend sung by 4 Hearthrobs.”

Bill Harris

 “This scintillating musical treat will have you humming 1960’s standards all the way home.”

Backstage West
Los Angeles

“…a gem of a show that could and should play in any venue anywhere in the world…like Forever Plaid it could play forever..”     

Ruta Lee
Hollywood, C


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