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The Taming of the Shrew: Shakespeare Rattle and Roll
Adapted from Shakespeare by Robert Neblett and David Grapes
Featuring Your Favorite 1950s Jukebox Hits

Put on your blue suede shoes and rock around the clock with The Taming of the Shrew: Shakespeare Rattle and Roll, a 1950s-inspired adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy that is sure to please audiences of all ages.  Infused with classic jukebox tunes such as “Wake Up Little Susie,” “Blue Moon,” and “Be-Bop-A-Lula,” this hilarious modern twist on Shakespeare’s classic war of the sexes will get your toes to tapping and your heart to beating fast.

Set in the Technicolor suburbia of Padua , USA , the comic action is filled with roller skating carhops, phone booth-stuffing frat boys, and even an amorous Elvis impersonator.  As in the original, an arranged marriage pits the tempestuous Kate against the equally charming Petruchio, a good-for-nothing scamp and confirmed swinging bachelor.  Rather than conforming to society’s strict rules about courtship and love, in time this unlikely duo comes to embrace each other with a passion crafted from rock-and-roll defiance and trail-blazing independence.

Originally performed to critical and audience acclaim at the Tennessee Repertory Theatre in spring 2003, this play is perfect for community theatres and schools that want to attempt a “concept Shakespeare” production with minimal risk and maximum fun!

The Tempest
Magic.  Murder.  Music.  Monsters.

What more could you want in an evening at the theatre? Immerse yourself in the imagination and language of a "brave new world" in Shakespeare's The Tempest, newly adapted for the stage by Robert Neblett and David Grapes.

Exiled on a deserted island during a traitorous coup d'etat, Prospero survives by instinct and magic, protecting his young daughter Miranda against the savage creatures of his new domain.  After many years of this derelict existence, a shipwreck delivers his enemies into his hands, and he plots an act of mind-bending revenge, with the assistance of the island's supernatural forces.  However, he soon discovers that none of his arcane powers can prevent his teenage daughter from falling in love…

In this stunning re-conceptualization of Shakespeare's final play, Prospero and his island of mysteries are transported to the Victorian era by way of the aesthetic imagination of 19th century painter Henri Rousseau and the literary worlds of characters like Tarzan and Mowgli. In this savage, lush, and surreal atmosphere, the island's spirits are transformed into semi-human, semi-animal creatures, tamed by the tribal rituals of Prospero the shaman.

Perfect for schools and community theatres, this adaptation is succinct and efficient, without losing any of the language or dramatic power of Shakespeare's original.

Twelfth Night or Gun Fight at the Illyria Corral
Comedy with an old west twist
Freely Adapted from Shakespeare by David Grapes and Robert Neblett
Original Music by Vince diMura
Original Production Directed by David Grapes and the University of N. Colorado

If music be the food of love, get ready for a good ol' ranch-style cookout of Shakespearean proportions, as a desert twister lands the Bard's most beloved romantic comedy in the middle of the Wild West. It's Gunsmoke meets the Globe Theatre as the delicate Viola must disguise herself as a young deputy in order to survive in a town populated by an armorous sheriff and his barbershop quartet of deputies, a vain saloon madam in mourning, a puritanical prairie parson, and a group of drunken pranksters still fighting the Civil War. This new adaptation of Shakespeare's classic comedy promises to be a riotous mix of mistaken identity, romance and music for the whole family - all topped off with a hilarious climactic high noon showdown at the Illyria Corral!

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