In the initial production of Babes in Hollywood, the following vocal ranges and qualities were found to be desirable:

WOMAN 1  G3 thru D#5  (though G3 thru E5 is a plus)  A bright-eyed ingénue, subtly reminiscent of the young Judy Garland but capable of playing a more sensual part in Act Two.
WOMAN 2  F#3 thru D5  (though F3 thru E5 is a plus)  A worldly chanteuse, subtly reminiscent of the older Judy Garland but secure enough to be a trustworthy emcee - a gal who’s been-there-done-that but has an admirable attitude about it.

MAN 1  A2 thru E4  (though G#2 thru A4 is a plus)  A vaudevillian performer subtly reminiscent of the young Mickey Rooney, but capable of coming across as real in ballads.  

MAN 2  G2 thru D#4  (though G2 thru F#4 is a plus)  Less an impersonator of Mickey Rooney than a grown man to counter-balance Man 1 – a solid, musical theatre emcee – perhaps the man Mickey Rooney might have become had he stayed purely a Broadway song and dance man.


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