‘Babes in Hollywood’ a true delight”

By Laurie Dupal Kennebunk
Post June 13, 2008

Entering the door to the Arundel, anticipation arises. The barn outlined with timbers and decorated with old farm tools, along with pictures of past productions, gives an old-fashioned appeal and sets the stage for the production of “Babes In Hollywood.”

The shows stars’ are, Rebecca Cesario, Daniel Fenaughty, Billy Marshall, Katie Mulholland.

The show, based on the lives of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, is delightful. The actors swiftly changed costume to costume as the performed memorable songs, such as “Let Me Call You Sweet Heart,” “Meet Me In St. Louis,” “ I Left my Heart In San Francisco.”

Costume Designer Maria Marciano created elegant dresses, clown attire, and many other costumes that only add to the charm of the evening. Each song brings an adaptation to a previous costume or all new attire that complements the tune.

Throughout the play, each of the actors convey short bits of trivia on the lives of these famous stars. Mulholland and Marshall have been paired together to portray garland and Rooney. It’s a perfect match as they perform the younger years when the stars first met. Half way through the first act, Mulholland glides down form the top of the platform singing “Over the Rainbow.” With this stunning performance, it is easy to imagine Garland and think back to “The Wizard of Oz.”

At first I could not imagine having only four actors sing all of this music, however, the director Karen Babcock has done an outstanding job with the frequently changing props, different costumes every few minutes and the four actors changing their mannerisms to match each time period being reflected. The number of new actors was perfect and their acting magnificent. Cesario has a beautiful smile and has a beautiful smile and puts her all into each performance. She is paired Fenaughty, who has the debonair look that captures a girl’s attention.

The orchestra is in the front corner of the barn. Made up of three, it was remarkable to hear the sound coming from such a small group of artists. Nolan Bonvouloir is on the piano, Cilla Arsemault on the bass guitar and Mike Dion on drums.

The evening was a true delight. The acting and music brought a smile, a chance to hear old songs and reminisce and enjoy young talent that is headed for Broadway

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