HJT Musical is Point-Blank Perfect

The Barnstable Patriot
By John Watters

America has always had a love affair with robbers and murderers, especially when they come in pairs. From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to Thelma and Louise, we love to root for their getaway from the strong arm of the law. Perhaps the most lauded boy-girl team we love to idolize are Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who along with their gang ran roughshod throughout the Mid-West during the 1930s, robbing banks and killing those who got in there way.

Bonnie and Clyde, The Sure-fire Hit Musical Love Story, will be slaying audiences at Harwich Junior Theatre for the next three weeks.

The two-person play by William Pomerantz and Andrew Herron tells how the gun-toting tandem met and began their four-year crime spree, which ended in a hail of lead after they were tracked down by the law in rural Louisiana.

Before he met Parker, Barrow was a petty thief who preferred to knock off Mom and Pop stores and gas stations, taking just enough loot to make it to the next heist. She enticed him to up the ante and graduate to taking down banks, which soon led to shooting those who tried to stop them.

Caitlin Mills and Troy Armand Barboza are perfectly matched as the infamous crime couple. Both have great voices and both have found the proper personalities that easily make you root for their escape when the law puts on the heat.

The show, directed by Mary Arnault, is as fast-paced as a car chase, which at times is actually what’s going on. The simple set, made up of wooden crates, projected backdrops and crafty lighting, highlights the talents of Arnault’s production team: Andrew Arnault, set design; James P. Byrne, lighting; J. Hagenbuckle, sound; Robin McLaughlin, costumes; and Michael Ernst, projection artist, combine their deep talent to create a wonderfully complex stage environment.

The music, under the direction of Bob Wilder with support from Alex Hopper on guitar and Phil White on drums. carries the story line along with tunes that are both catchy and moving.

If you’re looking for an entertaining evening, steal away to the HJT.

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