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The royalty fee for CASA BLUE – The Last Moments in the Life of Frida Kahlo 12% of the all gross revenues (including a pro-rated portion of the total season ticket income) against a negotiated guarantee per performance. An advance minimum payment is required upon completion of the licensing agreement. All royalty fees and box office/financial statements are due within 14 days from the closing date of production.


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All Professional, stock, and amateur rights for CASA BLUE – The Last Moment’s in the Life of Frida Kahlo are administered exclusively through Summerwind Productions, P.O. Box 430, Windsor, CO 80550, without whose permission in writing no performance or reading of the play may be made.


CASA BLUE – The Last Moment’s in the Life of Frida Kahlo
are available through:

Summerwind Productions
P.O. Box 430
Windsor, CO 80550-0430

Cost is $15.00 per script
(includes postage and handling)

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