Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society

Caesi Bevis and Ron Elliott
Tiger's Eye Production Society

Interesting script: kind of a 1930s detective story with “Casablanca” type lines combined with a Dracula character that is nibbling on the actresses. The audience members “as extras” are mixed in with some of the actors. It works.

Funny? At times. Memorable? Yes. Recommend it? Yes, it has good value for entertainment in relationship to ticket price. The acting is fine, and a few people, such as Jason Emanuel who plays “Filmmaker Jonathan Harker” , and Mark Carter who plays the crazy person “Renfield”, are quite good. Matthew Spears who plays “Dracula”, really looks the part, turns in respectable performance, and will likely give women “fantasy material” for many years to come. He definitely makes for one ‘hot' Dracula!

It is a cute show, meant for older audiences who appreciate the 1930s style dialogue / damsel in distress type script.

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