University of Northern Colorado

To the faculty, staff, and students responsible for Dracula: The Case of the Silver Scream my deepest appreciation for their work on this wonderful production and for the very strong performances of all involved.  Deborah and I and our guests (two engineers from Hewlett-Packard) truly enjoyed every moment of the performance.  The evening was magical and the cast was superb.  I found the sets, costumes, lighting, and sound designs all extraordinary.  From the tiniest detail, such as the shadow of a slow turning fan over the detective's desk, to the broad design concept of film noir black and white cinema, everything was attended to in a highly professional manner.  Deb and I and our guests were particularly struck by the maturity
of the performances - excellent timing, well articulated character portraits, perfect choreography of stage movement - really, the whole thing came together brilliantly and I was tremendously proud to be associated with such a fine production.  The writing had just the right tone with a mix of tongue-in-cheek glances back to the Ed Wood era to the seriously noted fear - your direction was superb  - bravo! - Andrew

Andrew Jay Svedlow, Ph.D.
College of Performing and Visual Arts
University of Northern Colorado

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