JABO THE NARRATOR, who tells the story and can even provide sound effects

CHIEF MAN, a robust man in his prime, the father of the sleeping Prince Ngana

MESSENGER, actually a member of the Chorus (of either sex) who steps out of the Chorus to act as Messenger.

BIRD-TALKER, another member of the Chorus (of either sex) who steps out of the chorus as Bird-Talker.

MARIA'S GIRL FRIEND, another member of the Chorus

MARIA'S MOTHER, another member of the Chorus, who (as Maria’s mother) yearns for a little fame through Fenda Maria.

FENDA MARIA, a beautiful young girl, the unlikely close friend of the Doctor.

DOCTOR, the village witch doctor, a vain pretender whose principal good trait is his devotion to Fenda Maria.

TAKAYA, the chief of the witches, with outrageous hair and weird facial
features, who fancies herself as beautiful as Maria.

HORRENDA, another witch, at bottom rather good-hearted.

UGGL-UGGL, an apprentice witch, good-natured, naïve, easily captivated
by the Doctor’s charm.

TIGER MAN (or TIGER WOMAN), who can also serve as a Chorus member, so long as there is provision made so that he or she can don Tiger costuming when it is needed. He or she can wear a loose robe over his/her tiger costume, which can be thrown off at the moment the Tiger Man (or Woman) makes his/her appearance.

CHORUS, which can consist of Messenger, Bird-Talker, Maria’s Girl Friend, Maria’s Mother, the Tiger Man, plus as many other performers as wished.

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