University of Northern Colorado
School of Theatre Arts and Dance
Directed by Mary Schuttler


A long time ago, one week before you were born, an evil witch cast a spell on the prince of a jungle village splitting him into two different people, his bad half, and his good half. His good half lay sleeping at the other side of the jungle, while his bad half wanders around causing trouble.  In order to break the spell, someone must journey through the jungle to his body and cry twelve jars of tears.  Fenda Maria is the one chosen for the job. Before she leaves she asks the village witch doctor to join her and protect her as she travels through the dark and scary jungle.  Join her as the evil witch tries to stop her and the doctor as they travel through the jungle.  The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria is a children’s play in one act, written by Jack Stokes, and is enjoyable for people of all ages.  The narrator tells the story as it happens, and allows for audience participation throughout the show.  Join Fenda Maria, the Doctor, and the witch as they learn the importance of being a good person.

Plus other youth theatre plays and reader’s theatre pieces by Jack Stokes

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