The Time is now.

The musical takes place in various locations in NY, PA, NJ, OH.

Character Descriptions

Jack (Jackie) DeCarlo – A charismatic Sinatra Impersonator 40 to 60 years old. He is Italian, sexy and handsome with dark hair. Not a dead ringer for Sinatra but he carries the same macho vibe to the stage and the way he lives his life. Must be an exceptional singer both in the Sinatra concert sections and in his own right. He is often direct and blunt. He works hard and plays hard. Like Sinatra he smoked and drank too much in his youth. His baritone/tenor voice now displays a deep rich liquid quality making it easy for him to sing the “Rat Pack” era songs.  Jack is a great singer and good at what he does. However, as he has grown older he has re-discovered a strong desire to be recognized for his own talents as an artist. He has begun to feel as though he has wasted his life and squandered his talent by becoming an impersonator rather than an artist in his own right. He is no longer sure where his style begins and Sinatra’s ends.  While he had tremendous success in the 1990’s and the years immediately following Sinatra’s death, major bookings have slowed down and he is now playing the second tier clubs and venues. Once quite comfortable financially, he now has serious money troubles. His lifestyle requirements no long match his income. He has legal bills from his divorce and custody battle. He is behind on his alimony and car payments and has borrowed money from the “boys” in Philly to cover his gambling debts from playing the ponies. He is running as fast as he can to stay ahead of all the people who want a piece of him. He’d like to quit the road and open his own supper club, where he could sing his own music but he has to pay the bills. He has never done anything but sing, so his options are limited. He has 3 ex wives and a six year-old daughter named Ava. He loves his daughter and fought his ex wife Christina for joint custody. He still has strong feelings for Christina even though she left him for another man. He blames himself and life on the road for his failures as a husband and father. We meet him at a time in his life when he is the most fragile. He has nothing left but his music and even that belongs to somebody else.

The Actor - A male character actor 30 to 60 years old, who plays all of the other parts as indicated in the script. He needs to be a versatile actor who can quickly create the many non-singing characters, who are called for in the script.

Manny Silverman – Jack’s long-suffering agent and friend

Richard Hill – retired Viet Nam era Army Staff Sergeant (60’s)

Donny – wise guy from Philly

Mike – Sinatra fan

Marcel – bartender at a piano bar in Pittsburgh

Crazy Howie – a disc jockey for WBHD Radio

Howard Cosell – voice of the legendary boxing commentator

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