Jeremy Childs - Playwright Bio

Jeremy Childs is one of Tennessee’s most produced professional playwrights. With ten productions to date, Jeremy’s work has been staged both for young and adult audiences.  Stone Circle, a play about substance abuse and teenage mutilation based on the true life stories of the students of Community High school received national attention through American Theatre Magazine and was produced with Tennessee Repertory Theatre and Bongo Java After Hours Theatre. It has garnered two productions to date.  Other productions include The Girl Who Wore Black (ages 12-15) with Abintra Montessori School and The Metro Arts Commission and A Greek Myth and Sushi (ages 9-12) with BroadAxe Theatre, Abintra Montessori School and The Tennessee Arts Commission. Professional young audience adaptations include Alice in Wonderland and The Odyssues.  His work for more mature audiences include Burnt Offerings a long one act first produced by Mockingbird Theatre about a couple who visit France after 5o years of Marriage, Palisades hailed as "a breakthrough in Tennessee playwriting" and a "majorwork" by The Nashville Scene produced by Mockingbird Theatere and BroadAxe Theatre and Vampire Monologues produced by Actor’s Bridge Ensemble, Bongo After Hours Theatre, and BroadAxe Theatre. Vampire Monologues has become a cult classic in Jeremy’s home of Nashville Tennessee.  Every year it garners sold out crowds and in its run of three years it has received seven of Nashville’s highest dramatic honors, "The Tennies" for best show, best actor, best actress, and best director and was voted best new show by The Nashville Scene. 

Currently Jeremy is working on two projects a short one act for young audiences called Dorothea Lange and Booth Take Liberties and Zombies Can’t Climb a Christmas, western, musical comedy set for it’s first production in December ’05 with People’s Branch Theatre.

In addition to his work as a playwright Jeremy is an accomplished actor, director, and theatre coach.  He has acted with all of Nashville’s equity companies and is held in high esteem by his colleagues, critics and audiences alike.  His filmography includes The Last Castle with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini in which he had a principal role, Existo, Moment of Truth, and Second Chance among others.  He is the artistic director of Broadaxe Theatre founded by his good friend and college singer, songwriter, playwright, activist Steve Earle, who incidentally made his stage debut in Vampire Monologues, and is the theatre coach for Abintra Montessori School.  In addition to his work with Abintra Jeremy coaches with several schools in Nashville and teaches summer classes with Nashville Children’s Theatre hailed by Time magazine as the fifth best children’s theatre in the nation.

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