Licensing & Fees

Before any theatre can produce this adaptation of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, they must first secure the rights from the Howard Koch estate by contacting Mr. Norman G. Rudman, 1651 Cameron Road, Elk, CA   95432-9204, phone 707-877-3335, fax 707-877-3531, Email The royalty fee for the use of this title is usually 5%, but Summerwind respectfully defers to the Howard Koch estate to set any royalty rate they wish.

Summerwind Productions controls the rights to this 5-actor adaptation for the live stage. The royalty for use of this adaptation is 4%, and it can be obtained once permission from Mr. Rudman can be proven.

Your royalty to SWP also grants you the right to use the sound design and Powerpoint slide titles that were created for the original production without additional charge. These materials will be sent once a contract has been signed and your royalty deposit received.

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