A New Adaptation for the Stage (10m/4w)
By Todd Olson
(after Agatha Christie’s early novel “The Secret of Chimneys”)

“One of the best of Agatha Christie’s early thrillers.” -Charles Osborne

Anthony Cade leaves South Africa with the simplest if tasks: deliver a mysterious manuscript and a bundle of strange love letters. What he finds in England is a murdered Prince, ruffian Barons, hints of lost crown jewels, all under the roof of a historical manor house called “Chimneys.” This “lost story” of Agatha Christie’s – after one of her very first novels – is packed with multiple detectives, international oil conspiracies, and the memory of a failed country whose royal family was assassinated…or scattered to all corners of the world. In a fresh, funny, actor-friendly version for the stage, THE SECRET OF CHIMNEYS is a newfound work from the world’s greatest mystery writer. AVAILABLE NOW!

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