Ten Pin Alli

All New Girl Power Musical!

Co-Created by Ashton Wolf and Daina De Prez


Production Requirements

Cast of Nine

7-8 Men & 4 Women









A Bowling Alley with a Lounge/Bar

Ace bowler extraordinaire, Bernie Bostock, has been killed in a motorcycle crash. His girlfriend, Alli (They call her “Ten Pin Alli” because she is an amazing bowler, too) is the only one who can replace him if the men’s team is going to win the city-wide tournament this year. One problem: no girls allowed on the men’s team. So, she disguises herself as a man! The rest is history… All of the original songs are by award winning songwriter Ashton Wolf and Daina De Prez. There’s (Big Bad) Motorcycle Man, Dangerous Man, How Many (Bowling) Balls Does One Man Need?, Grandma’s Teeth, I’d Rather Be a Girl, The Bowling Song, The Man In Me, and the inspiring While I’m Away (and more…) It’s non-stop double entendre mayhem as we weave in and out of the complexities of modern day life in a small town setting. Ten Pin Alli is a laugh-a-minute tale of a girl who is about to become a SUPERSTAR (and a Mom)!     High Quality Backing Tracks Available!

Ten Pin Alli – Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Opening Number… MOTORCYCLE MAN

Scene 1… Alli and Helen in the lounge DANGEROUS MAN

Scene 2… Alli and Helen lounge HOW MANY (BOWLING) DOES ONE MAN NEED?

Scene 3… Bernie contacts Alli lounge and lanes

Scene 4… Bernie, Alli, Helen, Grandma & Guys GRANDMA’S TEETH at the lanes, lounge, bar

Scene 5… Alli and Bernie bar, lounge

Scene 6… Guys, Alli and Helen bar, lounge RED NECK RAP (Parody)

Scene 7… Alli and Helen bathroom, lounge I’D RATHER BE A GIRL

High Quality Orchestrated Backing Tracks are available!

Or, you can receive the score and sheet music to be played by live musicians!

Act II

Scene 1… Alli, Helen, Grandma alley, lounge THE BOWLING SONG

Scene 2… Helen, Alli – Alli transforms into THE MAN IN ME – a man – girl’s bathroom

Scene 3… Alli and Helen bathroom, lounge THE MAN IN ME (Reprise)

Scene 4… Bernie, Alli and the Guys bar, lounge LET’S DO A SHOT!

Scene 5… Alli and Helen Alli reveals Bernie, GHOST at the lounge

Scene 6… The Big Day Entrance, lounge, lanes WHILE I’M AWAY

Scene 7… The Tournament lounge and lanes BOWLING BALL BALLET Alli’s team wins! (Pantomime; no accompaniment)

Scene 8… Alli and Bernie lounge WHILE I’M AWAY (Reprise)

High Quality Orchestrated Backing Tracks are available!

Or, you can receive the score and sheet music to be played by live musicians!

Reviews & Audience Response

This could be a CLASSIC – like GREASE or LITTLE SHOP!!!!

Ten Pin Alli was outstanding! I cried during the final song, “While I’m Away.”

Ten Pin Alli is definitely a winner!

This is GREAT production!!!


Just saw this show tonight – Big thumbs up! I definitely recommend it. Good music, and a nice story too! Nice mix of humor and thoughtful moments. It was an evening well spent.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing talent of the director and co-creator of Ten Pin Alli, Ashton Wolf. His vision, creativity, experience and patience blow me away.

Everyone was marvelous! Very entertaining!

My group loved the show!

The book was so funny, and the music great!  Congratulations on such an awesome production and great music.  The song “I’d Rather Be a Girl” was especially wonderful.

The last song brought tears to my eyes!



Character Descriptions


ALLI (Ten Pin ALLI) Ace bowler on the women’s league from the other side of town. Girlfriend to DEAD BERNIE. They call her Ten Pin Alli because she is an amazing bowler!

DEAD BERNIE – Was the ace bowler from the Men’s League at the Starlight Bowl but he was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash and appears in the form of a ghost throughout the play.

HELEN – ALLI’s friend and closest confidant. They tell each other EVERYTHING. She’s a little more hard-boiled than ALLI and has a penchant for slapping people.

GRANDMA – (She’s not really anyone’s Grandma, they just call her that) She’s a cook, a waitress; she works behind any and every counter in the Bowling Alley/lounge. She’s the only one in the mix who knows the “Secret.” Grandma claims to be good friends with country superstar, Toby Keith** – and indeed she is.

The Guys on Alli’s team

 *TAZ – Nicknamed after the Tasmanian Devil (Piano)

*OLD FAT LES – He‘s old and he‘s fat (Bass)

*CROSS-EYED ROY He really is cross-eyed (Guitar)

*DARRYL – Darryl is a hell of a drummer but he’s dumber than a bucket of paint. (Drums)

Members of the Opposing Team

GRISWOLD – Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

HATFIELD – Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

McCOY – Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

BIG DADDY – Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

BARFLY – Mostly she sits at the bar, observing and occasionally interacting with BERNIE and oftentimes joins in song or is compelled to interject with a quip or a quibble. Like Bernie, she is other-worldly and others are not aware of her presence.

*It is optional for these characters to also play the music of the show.

**All references to Toby Keith in the script are completely fictitious




Creator’s Notes


“Ten Pin Alli” is designed to be production-friendly and cost effective. Character breakdowns are minimal, leaving room for the vision of the Producer/Director.

Many ages and age ranges are not indicated thus allowing for interpretation as desired. The characters of TAZ, OLD FAT LES, CROSS-EYED ROY and DARRYL may play the instruments indicated in the CAST OF CHARACTERS however, this is not required.

Orchestrated tracks are available in the event that actors who play such instruments are not available. The show can be played with as little as 4-5 instruments (rhythm section only.)

GRISWOLD, HATFIELD, McCOY and BIG DADDY are only listed as mechanics that play on the competing team. Interpretation of these characters’ descriptions is at the discretion of casting.

If the character of TAZ is to play piano, it is recommended that he also be able to double on a synthesizer so as to accomplish the embellishment of musical lines such as the French Horn that is written into the song “Grandma’s Teeth.”

The Musical Director of the production may also choose to embellish other songs as desired with synthesizer sounds and other instruments.

The set design thoughts included with the script are merely suggestions and have been designed to be cost effective for your production. However, depending on budget availability, designers are free to enhance/embellish as desired.

A list of bowling terms and their definitions (used throughout the musical) have been included with this script for reference purposes.

For production purposes it is recommended to use “foam bowling balls.” They are light weight (1-1/2 lbs.) and of regulation size (8.5 inches.) These types of balls are typically used for physical education purposes but they work extremely well and are easy to handle.

Creator’s Bios

Ashton Wolf

Ashton Wolf

Co-Creator and Composer

Ashton Wolf graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and has since gone on to achieve remarkable accomplishments in the Entertainment Industry.

In 2020 Ashton was commissioned by the Historic Brown County Playhouse to write the new musical, “2020 – The Musical” which premiered to standing ovations and critical acclaim and is now under contract with GLORY GIRL PRODUCTIONS. He has also written and scored the music for 11 other musicals including: “Ten Pin Alli,” (now under a publishing contract with Summer Wind Productions,) “Indiana – the Musical,” “HeartLight,” and “Club Morocco.” His musical, “Last Tango in Paradise” won six Drama-Logue awards tying with “Phantom” and “Les Mis” in the number of awards won including Ashton’s award for best director.

In 2023 Ashton was cast in the new major motion picture from Warner Bros., “The Wise Guys” starring Robert De Niro and Debra Messing (Directed by Barry Levinson.) In August, 2022, Ashton played Dr. Lantmen in a new feature film from the PUPPET MASTER Film Franchise. In 2021 he played the role of a hot-shot Beverly Hills attorney in the feature film, MAYBERRY MAN, and he is the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of the Television Program, “Indy – On the Town!” which aired on WHMB TV-40 in 2020.

Ashton has also received a Golden Angel Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council and a recognition of performance award from the Los Angeles Times.

For more information please visit Ashton’s web site at www.ashtonwolf.com

Daina De Prez

Daina De Prez

Co-Creator and Composer

Daina De Prez, a piano entertainer who resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a long history of successes and thousands of happy audience members, she is a dedicated entertainer who loves what she does and it shows. Among her many talents are dueling piano player, cabaret performer, band leader and award-winning singer and songwriter. She’s also gained recognition for her talents as a playwright, musical director and arranger, an artist, writer and recording artist

The musical “Ten Pin Alli” grew out of her 14 years working with the Acting Studio where she wrote “The Bowling Song” otherwise known as a song for “Women who bowl” for a skit that was performed there. Down the road a way, Daina played this song at a dueling piano show in Kentucky, her piano partner, Ashton Wolf asked her about the song. She told him the story of it’s creation and both agreed it seemed like the start of a longer tale. That was the night Daina and Ashton started bouncing ideas back and forth about turning it into a whole play. They came up with a story line of a bowling alley and loves twist and turns. Their collaboration was very successful. At the heart of it, she is a renaissance woman who has dedicated her life to perfecting her creaft

For more information visit Daina’s web site at www.dainadeprezmusic.com

Special Credits


Conceived by Ashton Wolf and Daina De Prez

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ashton Wolf and Daina De Prez

Licensed by Special Arrangement with Summerwind Productions, LLC – Box 420, Windsor, CO 80550

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